Tuesday, December 13, 2011

FDI-What is it all about_

FDI in retail, the burning issue in India at the moment that is stalling parliament in the ongoing winter session is a serious issue. I am no economist or soothsayer to predict the outcome of this bone of contention between the government and the opposition.

However- There is a ‘however’ in everywhere these days…
From what I have gathered by reading various economists, both Indians and others parked outside (oops!), foreign direct investment is a good thing to happen in India in the long run.

• It will benefit consumers who will obtain commodities at a much lower and competitive price
• Local farmers will also benefit by selling their produce at a higher rate than before (contrary to what they think now).
• World-class brands will be easily available in India to which we did not have access till now.

So on and so forth.

Haan Ji! Of course we need to apply restraints in form of regulations and bindings.

But retail shop owners are wary of the presence of world biggies like Wal-Mart, holding wide spread protests and the government to ransom. Most of their apprehensions are just illusionary as the advent of such international players would only pave the way for a bigger market share.
What they have failed to realize is that the biggest threat is not from FDI but the online shopping trend that is fast catching up with the Indians. Is there a way of curbing the spread of such a rage? With the popularity, convenience and value for money, I don’t think people would like to stay from it. You order and items are delivered right at your door step. No wonder, sites like the naaptol, homeshop18, indiaplaza, ebay.in, futurebazaar, letsbuy, shopcorn.in, tradus.in, shoppersstop, indiamart, shopping.indiatimes are doing brisk business.
This is the way shopping and marketing has ushered in the 21st century as we are bracing for newer ideas and techniques to suit our needs.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baba Ramdev wants a share of the booty

What do you say about the latest imbroglio, the ‘congress Vs Ramdev’ saga? People are divided on their takes on the current fracas of ‘stashed trillions’ in overseas banks. Baba believes in bringing back the hoarded black money to India whereas our politicos are in jittery, with a strange fear of losing the grip over their secret wealth..ha…ha….ha.. Life is so strange!

Had I been one of those who had amassed a huge fortune and stacked it somewhere in a foreign bank, even I would not like the idea of forgoing with my money. If I can cajole my conscience into gorging public money, I can go into any length to protect my money and oppose any damn protest by any damn baba or whosoever. But, it’s a different thing that I still have a long way to go when it comes to convince myself of laying my hands on public money, if ever in helm of affairs.

You have to agree that looting public money is an art and has to be mastered over the years. So, what’s wrong in earning by capitalizing on ones art, it is a credo in society. Our politicians are selling their art and earning their bread and butter, oohh la la! 400 lac crores of bread and butter…..Man how can they eat so much..must be having a good appetite.. I envy the strong digestive power of their protruding tummies.

Agreed that the ruling government is corrupt to the core, but who is the heir apparent in Indian democracy? Look at the way the opposition has jumped into the bandwagon, politicizing the crusade of a benevolent baba who has nothing to gain and nothing to lose. Who needs their so called moral support? The day isn’t far away when politics is going to mar this country and rob it off its sheen.

Support Anna Hazare, support Baba Ramdev and support the campaign against corruption. The time has come, we as Indians should unite and propel this unprecedented upsurge in the history of the country to a different realm. Let us garner enough voices and provide the necessary momentum in whatever small way we can.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Man_ is a really funny animal

When I was a child, I was taught that, “Man is a social animal”. We were bemused, at the prospect of being referred to as animals…we found it very funny…small things are big deals for kids...Alas! We had to grow up into adult animals burdened with the baggage of a human life.

However, having grown up into a full bloom animal, (oops! social animal-which of course is only a facade) I realize that the definition of a man was so untrue.

MAN, in fact is a biased animal. Yes, he is biased to the core, the root cause of universal maladies of present times. Mankind is plagued by the nature of his own being. He is divided into sects, religions, caste, creed, race, nationality, regions, civilizations…oh! You can come up with several segregating options..it is just another mind game. I love somebody because he belongs to my club (read whatever you would like to) and somebody outside my circle is my potential enemy.

Is there someone who is a human man, instead of being a man-made human? We are trapped in a vicious cycle created by our own distorted psyche. How can we break free from the shackles of our tendency of constant classification and club formation? We are so fixated with favoritism that we become shameless without a trace of grimace. You can find it anywhere, in the workplace, in the sports field, in social gathering, in political arenas or the ongoing international wars among nations.

Anyways, this is just another blog post!!!!!!!!!!!

Nobody will pay any heed. The trend is- man has bowed only to a catastrophe, since time immemorial.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Go Vegan

I have invited the wrath of many of my acquaintances, family members, friends, colleagues and others, quite flabbergasted at my turning a vegetarian. Coming from that part of the country where non-vegetarian food is a relish, I have done my bit to become an outcast. So voracious meat-eaters we are that even chicken is regarded as vegetarian.

While it is an ongoing debate (and a never ending one), I am not here to justify vegetarianism and unearth the demerits of non-vegetarian food. Nah! I am not going to say that the length of a human intestine is that of an herbivore or the shape of our teeth, which suggest that we are good enough to survive on plants. The lure of non-veg food is greater than the truth. I don’t want to preach that’ the will to survive is equal in an insect as it is with a mammoth animal’, why should I say so? What is the use of a fowl if it cannot convert itself into a luscious chicken masala or for that matter a goat not being able to turn into mutton Changezi? Pork is so tasty with roasted onions…..how can you ignore and pass by a Steakhouse…visiting .KFC on a weekend is an event for us.

We are indeed at the apex of the animal chain, because all animals are at the mercy of humans. Our birthdays are marked by the death of other animals who lay their lives to ornate our palates, tantalize our taste buds and provide us that lingering taste. Yummy animals…hah!

Don’t’ misconstrue me; I am not a protagonist of the ‘save animals’ movement, or being paid by PETA to carry forward a message. All said and done, there will be non-vegetarians till the end of the world.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Now that the ICC World Cup is over, we are all game for another mega show of world cricket called IPL.  Players of feuding countries are now friends and bowl to players of their own country or smash balls of their own bowlers. Nevertheless, IPL has become the mother of every shorter version of the game. With the amount of glamour and glitz attached to it, everyone wants to be a part of the spectacle. Let alone the amount of funds pumped into the event. Just the other day I checked the availability of tickets for the Feroze Shah Kotla match between Delhi Dare Devils and Mumbai Indians, but amazed to find every ticket being sold out, barring a few upscale ones amounting to something more than 14,000 grands.
However, IPL is sheer entertaining with high decibel fun and electrifying atmosphere pervading the whole stadium. It is impossible not to get affected by this annual cricket carnival. The presence of bigwigs, glam models, bollywood fraternity and last but not the least the cheer girls (providing the oomph factor) all add to the magic of IPL. It is tempting to see all world-class players in a single frame. Cricket is no longer played out in the fields; it permeates through the gallery, the dressing room and the nonchalant big shot spectator with the likes of Khans-Mallyas-Padukons (just know that P is my fav) and every who’s who of the sub-continent.
Unlike the ICL, which turned out to be a dud (not sure whether it was a forced ouster), IPL is here to stay and entertain us for a couple of months every year. So, tune in to this biggest show on earth at the moment and lap up every moment of it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Delicious or Delhicious

Delhicious! This is how a display of CWG2010 read while describing one of the numerous hues of the electrifying city.                                                                            

Image result for CWG2010 photos images
photo credits: the sports mirror
One of the characteristic features of Delhi is its rich culinary heritage. Touted as a haven for luscious cuisine typical of North India, a trip down the lanes of gastronomy can be mind boggling for anyone. Be it street food, gourmet or local kitchen, ‘exotic’ is a mean word when you describe Delhi food. A wide variety of non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes embellish the palates of Delhiites. A quintessential destination for food lovers, Delhi can tease your taste buds with an ensemble of never tasted cuisine. Delhi celebrates food and all festivals are greeted with discernible finger licking savories.

India cooks its food with a combination of 36 masalas (spices) [chattis masale ki misran as we say in Hindi]. Irresistibly aromatic, a mere sniff of the food is enough to go weak at the knees, let alone the titillating appearance. Delhi features in the top rung of the pyramid when it comes to Indian food. Dingy lanes of Old Delhi and Chandni Chowk dotted with smoke emanating eateries, the famed Paranthe Wale Gali, the choked streets near Jama Masjid, the burgeoning tikki wallas, grilled chicken wallas, chole kulche/bhature, various stuffed paranthas [allo_gobi_paneer_ the list is endless], momos (Dim Sum) wallas, Papdi, Pav Bhaji, Kulfi Faluda, Dal Pakoda, Gol gappas, dot dot dot dot dot #@$ #$@# am running out of names.
Image result for moolchand flyover
Moolchand flyover
Right from the age of the mughals through the British Raj to the present times, Delhi is known for its flair for good food, whipping out lip smacking delicacies to the world. I have heard that many celebrities visiting the city prolong their stay just to dig on their palates with Delhi food. There is a Delhi beyond the elite hotels and restaurants, very much affordable by the common man. Such is the influence of eateries that many food stalls have turned into landmarks and addresses throughout the city. A certain Bittu making tikki for customers became Bittu Tikki Walla popularly known as BTW or a paranthe walla below the Moolchand flyover growing bigger in stature than the bridge- these are but just a tip of the iceberg. This enchanting city of Delhi has countless of such instances where the food has become the symbol of the locality.

This may not at all be intriguing for the locals (who are already in sync with the developments), but for those who come to the city to visit iconic landmarks, I would like to inform that there is a Delhi beyond the Qutub Minar and Red Fort which you must explore and discover, the under belly and all the ghettoes of Delhi. So, if you are here in Delhi just let your hair down and ENJOY to the hilt!    

Friday, February 11, 2011

Frenzied fans of Cricket

It is a great time for cricket fanatics who go crazy over the game, a frenzied time and cacophony that will have a sway over their minds for the next couple of months. Of Gods and Demigods, the cult figures whose acrobatics on the field bring instant gratification to million. Truly a religion in this part of the subcontinent, Cricket is above any discipline in India. People live, swear and die for cricket.
However, this is not what generates interests in me about the event. I am more fascinated by what is going on inside the mind of a bookie, someone who reaps rich harvests in the sidelines without an iota of involvement in the game. In search of hapless, gullible and overtly avaricious souls (for a share of the milch cow) bookies often define the course of matches. At least in the past they did.     
Moreover, the statistics are alarming over the broadcast brouhaha. From what I have heard, a 10 sec slot of advertisement, in the knockout stages is a staggering 4 lakh rupees. Wow! Cricket in India flushes with funds whereas other sports lag far behind and disappear into oblivion facing a paucity of funds. Poor cousins of cricket, despite being gold medal winners and doing the country proud, run from pillar to post in want of money when faced with a grim situation. Why? Of course no answers because nobody cares. If only the cash rich BCCI had spared some thought for other games in the country.   
All said and done, do not assume that I despise the game with a teeth grinding agony. I am also a Bruce Willis (?) fan of cricket like any fellow Indian…Ummmmm I mean die-hard. It is just that I also think about the apathy of others sports in India and sincerely wish that the tables are turned. Anyways, let us enjoy our cricket for now and cheer our country for that long impending victory. 28 years is a good time to repeat history man. What say guys!   

Thursday, February 10, 2011

True confessions of a kamchor (read leech)

Monday: I abhor Mondays. A true derelict after a great weekend, a hangover of unflinching fun and excitement, Mondays are hard to face. I am inflicted with Monday morning blues, a pandemic of which I am not the sole prey (I know there are millions out there like me). Fluffy eyes, a sagged attitude and a grim look on the face welcome my Mondays. Five long days of intense grill until the next weekend, hah! Can anyone tell me why are weekends so short.

Tuesday: (Wo)Man! A day has just passed by, still so far away from Saturday. Tuesday means another day of challenge to take on the work life. I just wait for the day to get over.

Wednesday: This day of the week gets a lukewarm response, a subtle sense of arriving yet so far. It is akin to the sight of a ship in the distant horizon. You see it coming in the size of an ant but it is miles away from the shores. 

Thursday: Ummmmm! Thursday is creeping in at a snail’s pace.  I overheard a colleague of mine describing Thursdays in the most apt manner. He says, “Thursday is like constipation. You know it is there but it is not coming”. Ha…Ha Ha How true! It is that day of the week when your concentration is most fragile and it is difficult to carry on with your work.

Friday: Oye! Its Friday….. Hard to believe that I have withstood a challenge of a week and it is time for the remuneration. Shopping, fine dining and nightlife beckons in its most appealing best. Movie reviews and play the perfect critic dissecting movies made by the sweat of the director’s brow. [It is a different thing that movies are made with millions and we play critics spending just a few hundred bucks wanting value for our hard earned money.] 

 P.S. I have not included Saturdays & Sundays because I do not have the faintest idea how these two days look like due to the fact that I am never in my senses by gulping in gallons. Ha Ha Ha …..  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Golu's favorite hangout in Delhi

" You want to know of my fav hangout in del?", quipped Golu to me. Yup y not, after all I am more than eager to know whats going on inside his mind. Pop came out a picture of CP in the fifties from his pocket.       " You know I liked CP the way it is ", was his comment on the picture that depicts Cannaught Place, the heart of Delhi.- devoid of traffic snarls and the usual crowd we have today. Looking at the picture my thoughts went back to those days, the aftermath of our independence, the gory partition and a dawn of new hopes. In fact the picture has so much to say. Golu has indeed invoked some thoughts in me.