Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Go Vegan

I have invited the wrath of many of my acquaintances, family members, friends, colleagues and others, quite flabbergasted at my turning a vegetarian. Coming from that part of the country where non-vegetarian food is a relish, I have done my bit to become an outcast. So voracious meat-eaters we are that even chicken is regarded as vegetarian.

While it is an ongoing debate (and a never ending one), I am not here to justify vegetarianism and unearth the demerits of non-vegetarian food. Nah! I am not going to say that the length of a human intestine is that of an herbivore or the shape of our teeth, which suggest that we are good enough to survive on plants. The lure of non-veg food is greater than the truth. I don’t want to preach that’ the will to survive is equal in an insect as it is with a mammoth animal’, why should I say so? What is the use of a fowl if it cannot convert itself into a luscious chicken masala or for that matter a goat not being able to turn into mutton Changezi? Pork is so tasty with roasted onions…..how can you ignore and pass by a Steakhouse…visiting .KFC on a weekend is an event for us.

We are indeed at the apex of the animal chain, because all animals are at the mercy of humans. Our birthdays are marked by the death of other animals who lay their lives to ornate our palates, tantalize our taste buds and provide us that lingering taste. Yummy animals…hah!

Don’t’ misconstrue me; I am not a protagonist of the ‘save animals’ movement, or being paid by PETA to carry forward a message. All said and done, there will be non-vegetarians till the end of the world.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Now that the ICC World Cup is over, we are all game for another mega show of world cricket called IPL.  Players of feuding countries are now friends and bowl to players of their own country or smash balls of their own bowlers. Nevertheless, IPL has become the mother of every shorter version of the game. With the amount of glamour and glitz attached to it, everyone wants to be a part of the spectacle. Let alone the amount of funds pumped into the event. Just the other day I checked the availability of tickets for the Feroze Shah Kotla match between Delhi Dare Devils and Mumbai Indians, but amazed to find every ticket being sold out, barring a few upscale ones amounting to something more than 14,000 grands.
However, IPL is sheer entertaining with high decibel fun and electrifying atmosphere pervading the whole stadium. It is impossible not to get affected by this annual cricket carnival. The presence of bigwigs, glam models, bollywood fraternity and last but not the least the cheer girls (providing the oomph factor) all add to the magic of IPL. It is tempting to see all world-class players in a single frame. Cricket is no longer played out in the fields; it permeates through the gallery, the dressing room and the nonchalant big shot spectator with the likes of Khans-Mallyas-Padukons (just know that P is my fav) and every who’s who of the sub-continent.
Unlike the ICL, which turned out to be a dud (not sure whether it was a forced ouster), IPL is here to stay and entertain us for a couple of months every year. So, tune in to this biggest show on earth at the moment and lap up every moment of it.