Friday, November 9, 2012

        Reminiscence and nostalgia

                                     Distance makes the heart grow fonder
Akhom Aamar Rupahi (Our Assam is Beautiful)
Gunoru nai hekh (There is no end to her attributes)
Bharatare purba dikhar (lying on the eastern direction of India)
Hurjya utha dekh (the land of the rising sun)
Thus Sang by the legendary Bhupen Hazarika;-A prophet for Assamese music lovers around the world.
                     It all sprang out from a conversation I was having with my wife and dawned on me that our ladies back home, in the rural parts of the northeastern state of Assam are so competent while going about their daily lives. Oblivious they may be, of what is happening in the world, may not have heard about re-election of Barak Obama or Mitt Romney’s name in the first place, but they are no less capable than their counter parts in any part of the world.
One-horned rhinoceros_only found in Kaziranga National Park in Assam. It is an endangered species and the whole world is for the protection of it.

Right from spinning their yarn to weaving their own fabric, the rural women from Assam often exhibit their dexterity in whatever they accomplish in the daily chores around the household. Despite having seen that since birth, my grandmother passing on that tradition (weaving) to my mother and aunts, it never occurred to me that it is indeed a tradition that is worth a million accolades. They are not dependent on cloth mills or merchants for their fabric. It is all there at their fingertips. The traditional gamocha (towel_ga=body; mocha=to rub), the makhela, the sadar (saree-the six yard wonder), the arichadar and many more, they weave everything a person would need to drape himself/herself.
Japi_A traditional hat of the Assamese
They do not vie for a place in the international fashion designers’ list but each one of them is a designer in their own right.  A Lela Rose, a Donna Karan or our very own desi Ritu Kumar, these rural Assamese women are also worth their salt, when it comes to designing traditional clothing of the region. A zillion salutes to them!!! It is a different issue, that we no longer don these traditional clothes but only the modern exports from the west. But still, that does not disparage the skills of these unsung rural women from Assam.    

Monday, September 10, 2012

Across India On A Budget

Are you a frugal traveler and on the lookout for a budget trip around India? Do you want to assimilate this vast and intriguing sub-continent without worrying to spend a fortune?

The Claridges, a posh hotel in New Delhi

As is the country, a sharp contrast, with slums besides high rises, a prince walking along the pauper, India also has some really excellent budget options for the visitor.

The Park Hotel, New Delhi

Where on one hand you can snuggle in comfort and utmost luxury, cooling your heels in a seven star hotel, there are also some really cheap hotels to welcome you.
Luxury AC buses run concurrently with low fare government run vehicles taking you to various places.

Depending on your choices, you can binge on an upscale restaurant with every international food laid out on your platter or you can go on a spree of tasting local cuisine at a reasonable rate. Not that local cuisine is cheaper than its international counterparts; there is local cuisine available at astronomical prices in elite restaurants.
The Taj Hotel, New Delhi
You would definitely experience the same amount of joy in New Delhi as a traveler as you would in New York (of course you’ve to be a true traveler and know ways to look at things).

So, come and fulfill your long cherished dream of traveling through the length and breadth of this beautiful country_The Incredible India.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Simply Incredible!


                                                           It is Simply Incredible!

The man with the midas touch, as far as bollywood movies are concerned.

Monday, July 9, 2012

SEO India

Search engine optimization or SEO is a potent tool in optimizing your site.  You can rake in the moolah when proper SEO techniques are applied for your site. Draw traffic to your site and rank higher in the search engines by implementing SEO tenets. A higher ranking means higher visibility and thereby greater revenue. The spider or the crawler of a search engine sniffs the keywords in your text and delivers the desired result. So, your text should be rich in keywords helping the crawlers to index, process, calculate the relevancy and do the retrieving. 

When it comes to SEO companies, India is at par and SEO India is a force to reckon with. There are some really good SEO companies that can bring out the desired output for your site. With several competent SEO professionals doing the rounds, India is a fantastic destination for search engine optimization. Firms across the globe now rely on Indian SEO companies to bring about the desired changes on their sites. Outsourced SEO work is now quite rampant in India and the country is now an abode for young professionals looking to make a career in SEO. 

Seo India is far from its nascent stage and has carved a niche in the world scenario boasting a plethora of competent experts on the subject. No wonder, global giants are looking to the subcontinent for solutions. The stage is now set for online marketing and online shopping sites are definitely in vogue. Apparently, SEO service providers are in high demand. With so many online sites, vying for your attention, it is quite a task on hand to stay ahead in the race. Hence, SEO is very relevant to catapult your site in the top order of search engines. 

India has seen a surge in online shopping sites, business websites and other portals in the last decade, making SEO an indispensable field. The sprout of able SEO personnel in India is no surprise, people who know their job. With cost effective solutions, timely execution of projects and long term relationship with clients, Seo India has now forged a strong relationship with companies in the U.S., UK and others parts of the world. The huge talent pool in India has come to the fore, proving their SEO credentials to the world. So, what are you waiting for? Get your SEO solutions at the snap of your finger by turning on to any Seo service provider from India.  

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Celebrity style

It is an innate nature in us to be in the shoes of a celebrity and emulate them in the best possible way. So, celebrity style, with all its nuances, has a major role to play in our lives. We are mesmerized by their inimitable style, the grace and aplomb they carry themselves with.

Whether it is Hollywood divas and socialites like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardarshian, Lindsay Lohan or our desi divas, undeniably we love to tread following their footprints. Almost every day we browse through features in gossip columns of tabloids, magazines and loads of online pages for a dose of the latest celebrity fashion.

Now, for my take on it-I think it is not all bad.
Because by following them, it adds the 'zing 'to our otherwise mundane lives, generates business for beauty salons, spas and other ancillary fashion oriented vocations. It is amazing to see young guns following hunks with weird unshaved visage, remaining updated of haute couture, vouching for designer labels and lot more.
So, where do we get to see this celebrity style?

They end up in shows, award nights, inauguration of new setups, product launches, social dos or charity events, draped in the most unique and opulent attire.
It is not just the pretty ladies who are more susceptible to fall for celebrity fashion; guys are equally vulnerable to aping the celebs.

However, they are not short of foibles and have their share of fashion faux paux, inviting a lot of flak. We also love to find flaws in their fashion. Ranging from their hairdo to makeup to the combination of colors, we enjoy giving our expert comment.

But, unlike us, they are in expert hands, of people who transform them with finesse from demure damsels into gorgeous babes and iconic role models.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A random post

This post is just to keep my blog afloat and would like to name it ‘a random post’. It is mere gibberish intended to appease Google baba, so that my blog doesn’t go out of the purview of its infamous crawlers… he…he…he… yes, I have been away from posting something for a long time. I admit updating every now and then is difficult…still, a post a week is a good idea from the perspective of SEO…HENCE, this arbitrary scribble.…The world has changed so much since my last post…news, news and more news every day…

Sachin Tendulkar completed the much awaited ton…good for India and good for the undue pressure that mounted on the little master…heaved a sigh of relief…..just came across the site called couch surfing the other day…created an account and already hooked to it...a great site to know people across the globe, unearth new cultures, explore unseen terrains, scout for un-spoilt heavens, and lot more…the fun part is, you already have someone waiting to host you who can be your guide and companion during an expedition...a boon for free loaders out there…the ‘Boss’ visiting India office…all are in formal gears…the otherwise pathetic and inedible food is getting better…one of my friends after the ‘pink thing’…think of that whatever you can imagine…stains of holi (color) still on my keyboard….people splashed colors all over in the work station……peeping toms everywhere…sneaking a view through a keyhole…gazing at your computer screen…lending a pervasive ear to your conversation trying hard to get privy to everything…anxious anticipation for appraisals…new incentive plans around the corner…tickets for IPL and plans for a group outing for the Delhi Dare Devils vs Rajasthan Royals match…regular tea outside office with metal heads…diehard fans of heavy metals…from Judas Priest to Lamb of God to party in a couple of days from guys receiving quarterly awards…round the clock interview in office…people coming in….people moving out….the show must go on…lousy cab driver…animal in a human incarnation….(sorry animals, to have compared you to this driver…you are better)…new manager taking charge…full of energy…upbeat…good to up the ante for the team…a renaissance in the company over the last one year…. change of attitude with a bit of upward mobility in some…cheetah (self proclaimed) in the team…fail to understand why people want to imbibe animal attributes…bragging a sign of insecurity….only dogs mark their territory….lions command wherever they go…the real king…but benevolent monarchs who harbour no malice towards anybody….extended weekend ensuing…jammed IRCT website….every second guy heading to Rishikesh, Haridwar…white SUV comes to a screeching halt outside office…conspicuous pseudoism is palpable through the corridors…nevertheless some really hardworking and talented people around, who know their job…no wonder company took a giant leap in less than a decade (see, its giving the devil his due….)…amidst all these I am detached for a reason which I am keeping to myself………strutted this wonderful company for almost two years by now…enjoyed the association with many….withstood the shenanigans of few……only two in the team and the rest  s.....however great camaraderie…. Nice people…each one a unique and special…. Ok ok ok..this random ‘thing’ has already exceeded 500 words…….

….to be continued from a different IP address…..until then a temporary SAYONARA…...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oprah Winfrey in India

The buzz is, the ebullient, ubiquitous and awe-inspiring Oprah Winfrey is in India and is completely besotted by the warm welcome and hospitality from Bollywood, especially by the Bachchan family. 

Ever since the couple, Abhishek- Aishwarya appeared on her show, Oprah and Aishwarya have been in touch, albeit not on a regular basis. This time when she is in India, it is a double whacker, with the birth of Beti B (a name the Indian media has chosen for the Bachchan granddaughter) and she has graced the occasion by her blessings to the newborn, as promised earlier. 

The host of one of the greatest celebrity talk shows in the world, Oprah Winfrey is no less than a celebrity herself. No wonder, the whole film fraternity and who’s who from Bollywood, socialites, business honchos, writers and others are present in the party thrown by Parmeshwar Godrej, a renowned socialite who belongs to a premier business house in the country.
Today, the newspapers, tabloids and the internet are splashed with pictures of the most talked-about event on January 16, 2012. 

Rarely do you get to see so many stalwarts in a single frame. The sight of Amitabh Bachchan behind the wheels, with Abhishek besides him and driving Oprah (seating in the backseat along with Aishwarya) to the party venue says it all. 

It reminds me of the chutkule (joke) by Raju Shrivastav, a stand-up comedian of repute. The story goes that, once Mumbai policemen were guarding a check-post and were imposing fines to those who jumped the traffic. One of the cars which accidentally jumped the red light was stopped by a traffic constable. When asked to roll down the window glass, the constable was startled to find Amitabh Bachchan on the driver’s seat. He hurriedly rushed back to his senior and said, “Sir, we cannot impose fine on this car, it belongs to some VVIP who has employed Amitabhji as driver”.  Such is the aura and significance of Oprah Winfrey, when, even biggies like Amitabh Bachchan take pride in driving her to a venue.

Not only Bollywood, even icons from Hollywood go gaga over featuring on an episode of the famous talk show. Be it a charming Tom Cruise, the funny Jim Kerry, legends like Elizabeth Taylor, pretty woman Julia Roberts or the lady with that golden voice, Celine Dion, the list is endless. From the moment the first episode got aired on September 8, 1986, the Oprah Winfrey show has entertained millions across the globe, sometimes with rib-tickling moments, sometimes with soul searching and tear-jerking anecdotes.  

Now that she is in India, I wish, she carries home a pleasant impression of India.